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Getting teeny vials and pencils and tubes of makeup under control can be such a pain! I used to store my beauty things in a large makeup bag tucked away in a drawer, but having to take it out and rifle through small pockets every time I wanted to find a lipstick or eyeliner was maddening. I then tried mason jars, but a lot of smaller stuff would fall to the bottom, requiring me to dump out the entire contents on the bathroom counter. Fail. The light at the end of the tunnel was this desktop organizer! Now everything is neatly tucked away into its own compartment, and my favorite items are all at my beck & call!

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Some people may say obsessively scrolling through Pinterest each day is a complete waste of time, and these people are what we call Debbie Downers. Where else can you find decor ideas, dinner recipes, and a new ways to braid your hair all in one place? It’s a learning mecca, I tell ya! And to prove my point, here are some great usable-in-real-life household tips I’ve recently picked up from the pinning paradise:

  1. Instead of trying to hide every electrical cord in the house, funkify them with some colored tape. You’ll actually be happy to see them peeking out from around the room!
  2. Key caps begone! Color code your keys using nail polish (duh)
  3. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, and pop them out as needed. I won’t let herbs sit around in my fridge until they turn brown ever again. Promise.
  4. Use binder clips to organize chargers and cables. This action is going on on my desk right now, and I haven’t had to crawl around on my hands and knees, groping blindly at wires since. Success!
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chalkboard spice rack

Our apartment was used as the model unit while the building was holding open houses, and for that, we got a few perks – one of which is a floor to ceiling chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Jackpot! It’s definitely a highlight of our home, and since I don’t have the chalkboard artistry of the awesome Dana Tanamachi, I recently udpated it with a simple pattern of crosses that I spotted in this lovely Pinterest find. Let’s call it umm minimalist?

The spice rack is something we cobbled together on a whim after we moved in and discovered that teeny jars would be completely lost in the kitchen’s extra deep drawers and shelves. Our solution? Ribba Picture Ledges from IKEA! Everything fits perfectly, and it’s so convenient to be able to reach out and grab whatever you need while cooking. Plus, if you squint ever so slightly, the colorful labels look like an abstract painting against all that dark paint :-) Functional kitchen art at its finest!

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For my birthday, Hubs bought me this world map that I’ve had my eye on for months by These Are Things **cue excited clapping** It’s every bit as amazing as I thought it would be – the colors are super vibrant, which pop nicely off of our light gray walls. Who knew geography could be so stylish? And the best part is that by mounting it on a cork board, we’ve turned it into a travel map to mark our trips around the world! Hunting among the countries to put in the colorful little pins is a bit like playing Carmen Sandiego, and it’s quite awesome.

Some places I’d love to get to in my lifetime:

  1. Greek islands
  2. Tokyo
  3. Machu Picchu
  4. Patagonia
  5. Bangkok
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