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If this whimsical photo series by husband-and-wife duo Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida doesn’t put a big ol’ smile on your face this Monday morning, then you should consider just heading back to bed! MINIMIAM reimagines everyday foods as surreal landscapes for teeny tiny figurines to explore and frolick within – golfers tee off with colorful sprinkles, and mountain climbers carefully navigate through the treacherous snowy peaks of merengues. Every shot is so cleverly composed, and a few have made me laugh out loud! Isn’t it amazing how a slightly different viewpoint can turn the mundane into something magical? Click here to check out some more photos from this delectable series!

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Have you ever inexplicably found teeny hoof prints in your cupcake frosting? Or heard wee creatures scattering when you turn on the bathroom light to brush your teeth? The mystery is over, folks – Deer Sweet Images has caught the culprits on film!

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