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Hello strangers! I was enjoying my social media break so much that getting back into the groove of blogging took a bit longer than planned, but I’m excited to be back to catch up on everything that’s been going on with all of you over the past few weeks!

I haven’t really found much success in the wide-eye tradition of drafting up outrageously optimistic resolutions for the new year – things usually go off the rails pretty quickly despite my best efforts. Instead, I’ve decided to adopt one mantra for the year: Just Do It (please don’t sue me, Nike). You see, I can be quite skilled at talking myself out of lots of things I would love to do otherwise – creative endeavors, job opportunities, or even silly small things like attending cool meet ups/events where I don’t know anyone else. Initial feelings of excitement often fade away as I hem and haw over every minor detail until I become fully convinced it’s a terrible idea that isn’t worth the effort to pursue. It’s increasingly frustrating to look back and see what could have been accomplished if I had only just sucked it up and tried, so this year I’m going to try to debate myself less. Less over thinking things and more doing, whatever the outcome may be. Bring it on, 2015!

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Wishing all of you a very wonderful year ahead! New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays and not just because there’s a constant flow of champagne and sparkly things (although that certainly helps). I love putting up a brand new calendar and thumbing through all the unmarked days, wondering what will soon be scrawled in all those empty boxes…

Onto a few highlights of this past year! In 2011, we…


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Happy new year! Here are my hopes and dreams for 2011:

  1. Go to bed an hour earlier on weeknights
  2. Get through Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred without passing out
  3. Eat vegetarian at least twice a week
  4. Tackle all the crafty DIY projects I have saved in my bookmarks
  5. Figure out career goals and take some action!
  6. Take a calligraphy class
  7. Get outta the country for some adventurous vacations!
  8. Work at staying in touch with old friends
  9. Learn to use a sewing machine
  10. Spend less time reading celebrity gossip blogs (tee hee)
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