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beautiful wine bottle designs

JAQK Cellars Chardonnay | Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine | BiancoNero Rose | Suitable Case Pinot Rose | The Little Grape That Could Cabernet Sauvignon | La Tulibe Bordeaux Rose

It’s hasn’t been hard avoiding alcohol the past few months, but it’s becoming a struggle now that sangria (AKA the best summer cocktail ever) is popping up on menus everywhere! While I have to pass on that deliciously frosty glass of fruity goodness this summer, I can indulge in these very lovely wine bottle designs in the meantime. The “flower bouquet” makes me smile – what a clever way to bring blooms and booze simultaneously when you show up to a friend’s house!

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beautiful liquor bottle designs

Chandon by Butterfly Canon | Mastic Tears Liqueur by dolphins // communication design | Dancing Pines Distillery Bourbon by Candy Coated Universe | Fire Fighter Vodka | SAMURAI Vodka by Arthur Schreiber | Good Ol' Sailor Vodka by Mattias Broden

There are lots of blog posts about finding and accessorizing the perfect bar cart, but what about the most important part? …The booze! I confess that I don’t know much about specific alcohol brands, so I’m always very swayed by packaging—apologies to all the liquor connoisseurs out there—when I’m perusing through rows and rows of shiny bottles. Here are some beautifully designed ones that I would happily feature front and center in our bar at home (and hopefully get a few good cocktails out of them as well)! The shot glass placement on the Fire Fighter vodka is so clever I can’t even stand it.

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creative packaging design

1. Lipton Ice Tea by Jessica Duncan | 2. Goo Rum by Studio 3 Pieces | 3. Blood of Grapes by Constantin Bolimond | 4. Nuts.com by Pentagram | 5. Potty Mouh Soaps by Justin Nowak

My weakness for awesome packaging design means that all of these goodies would definitely end up in my cart if I was out shopping!

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creative packaging

Beehive Honey Squares by Lucy Kuhn | Teapee by Sophie Pépin | EarBudeez Headphones by JDA | Mustache Paintbrushes by Simon Laliberté

These fun packaging concepts made me smile, which just goes to show that sometimes in life it’s the outside that counts!

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Twirl by Kate Spade from Kate Spade | Tous H20 by Tous from Overstock | Very Hollywood by Michael Kors from Sephora | Happ & Stahns Parfum from Anthropologie | Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf from Nordstrom | Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain from Saks Fifth Avenue

I would love nothing more than to own a big vanity table, on which I would line up these stunning perfume bottles and ogle them day after day.

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