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Little White Whale business cards

Alt NYC was a blast, you guys! I don’t have a lot of friends who are into blogging, so it was wonderful to be able to connect with so many fabulous people who love it as much as I do. Walking into a huge room of girls already chattering away with each other was intimidating (thankfully I spotted Audrey right away!), but everyone was so friendly that my anxiety quickly melted away. We did a few crafts, had some delicious food and drinks, said hi to Martha, and got our learn on. I also bumped into Laicie at the cocktail party afterwards. which was a big blur of balloons, candy, and wine, and we hit it off like old friends – so fun!

I plan on doing a “what I learned” post later this week so I won’t get into all that right now, but I will say that the speakers planted a few seeds into this little head of mine, and the wheels are turning…

* My business cards were printed at Jakprints, and they did an awesome job! One pearl of wisdom here – if you’re thinking of getting your cards edge painted, I recommend doing a bright color and not silver, which is quite hard to see on individual cards. Lesson learned.

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Marcel recently emailed me to introduce me to pleased to meet, and I must confess that I squealed with delight when I clicked through to his beautiful store! So. Much. Loveliness. I want to buy gifts for everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life just to use their line of holiday cards, tags, and wrapping papers to the fullest extent possible. Isn’t the skiing cat hilariously cute? Their products have a distinctive modern-meets-retro style that I find really charming, and if that wasn’t enough – all the illustration work is done by Marcel’s wife, Daniela, and the talented duo work out of their small studio in Berlin! Go check out their store, which is also stocked with other non-holiday goodies like notebooks, prints, and a stunning collection of paper & envelope sets I wish could be mine, allll mine!

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Bitty Bag Envelope Liners from Whisker Graphics | Birdcage Envelope Liner from simplethings press | DIY Fabric Lined Envelopes from Project Wedding | DIY Doily Envelope Liner from Avie Designs

You know what would beat the Monday blues? Finding a letter from a friend, filled with sweet words and tucked inside a beautifully lined envelope, waiting in your mailbox amongst the daily catalogs and junk mail.

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I was rummaging through our closet the other day and out fell these babies – the Save The Dates from our barn wedding! Yippee! We sold most of our wedding paraphernalia, including my dress (sad face) due to lack of storage space, so this was a sweet little souvenir to stumble upon.

Funny side story – Hubs and I designed these ourselves and those chatty piglets were a major point of contention while we were putting this together. I ADAMANTLY wanted pigs – I mean, are they not everyone’s favorite barnyard animal? However, the crazy swine flu epidemic was going on at the time and pigs were getting a bad rap, so Hubs wanted to use a different animal that didn’t scream omg we’re all going to die! Ohhh the totally bizarre things you argue about under the stress of wedding planning. I’m really glad the piggies made the cut in the end – they still make me giggle 2 years later!

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Make A Wish Stars card | Recipe Box | Cheers Coaster | Hello Darling Print

It’s a good thing I don’t live in LA, otherwise I’d find myself meandering down to Sugar Paper and handing over my credit card every week. Not only is it chock full of the loveliest paper goods, but they have a sweet website as well – double whammy!

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I am truly madly deeply in love with this amazing wedding invitation that was the collaborative work of MaeMae Paperie, Duet Weddings, and Debra Chow (who had the added task of being the bride). Talk about a triple whammy! Those Polaroid-style illustrations depicting scenes from the couple’s time together are unbearably adorable, and add the perfect whimsical touch to a truly exquisite set. Check out more photos here!

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