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meet mia

Holy cow! I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole months since my last post! All the cobwebs clinging to this blog seem kind of festive though with Halloween coming up and all, right? Ha!

Well I have a great excuse for my absence…here’s the nugget that’s been gobbling up all my time, love, and attention these days! Meet Mia and her BFF Bart the bear, everyone! I know I’m biased, but those cheeks give me life (is that what kids are saying these days??) She’s a very alert baby who’s already starting to give big smiles and cooing up a storm! Unfortunately her charms are NOT working on Toby, who is coping with big brotherhood simply by pretending Mia doesn’t exist at all. He’ll begrudgingly say hello to her every morning with a lick on the foot, and then it’s nary a glance the rest of the day, even if she’s screaming her head off right next to him. Something tells me these two will need a get along shirt somewhere down the road.

meet mia

So you know those beautiful portraits of motherhood splashed across Pinterest and Instagram? They usually involve newborns sleeping angelically in pristine nurseries while mom lovingly looks on with perfectly applied makeup and a headful of clean, tousled curls. IT’S ALL LIES, PEOPLE! These first few weeks have been a chaotic rollercoaster that veers between “Being a mom is magical!” and “I’m very very tired. Does this baby come with a gift receipt?” It has been non-stop laundry and waking up at ungodly hours and obsessively checking the baby monitor to make sure everything is okay, and there is absolutely nothing pristine about our apartment right now.

Life sure as hell hasn’t been glamorous lately, and sometimes I’m hit with serious FOMO when my childless friends are off traveling or doing fun things around the city. But smooching that chubby little face each day has made me realize that slowing down and savoring these precious moments isn’t such a bad idea. There will be time for new adventures someday soon, but for now, I’ll embrace the quiet (and umm not so quiet) days at home with this sweet baby who has me wrapped around her impossibly small finger already.

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pregnancy announcement!

Hello friends! Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. It’s just hard to stay behind a computer for longer than necessary when the temperature outside hits that perfect medium between warm and blazing hot! And the truth is I’ve also been rather busy working on a very special project the past few months, and although it’s not quite finished yet, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek…

pregnancy announcement

Yes, there’s a baby on the way! In early August, to be specific. The apartment is in utter chaos right now as we try to rearrange our entire home to make space for this nugget, but it’s so worth it to see stuffed animals and chunky books start to make their way onto our shelves :-)

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel, and physically? Pretty great! Mentally? Scared and excited to the Nth degree! When we first got Toby (after going to the breeder’s place to “just take a look”), I distinctly remember thinking “OMG what did we just do?? We don’t know how to take care of this thing!” on the car ride home with a squirming puppy in my lap. This is pretty much how I feel as the weeks fly by, poring over pregnancy forums and reviews for baby monitors and strollers and swaddles. It’s an overwhelming time, but I’m comforted by the little (and sometimes not so little!) kicks in my belly each day, and I know we’ll figure everything out together along the way. Toby turned out to be an upstanding gentleman after all, so how hard can all this baby stuff be, right? HA!

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Photo by David Kaplan

Can you believe this is the last weekend in July? What. The. Heck. Weekends always end too quickly, but summer weekends go by so fast I can barely catch my breath!

Despite the fact that I can’t remember the last time I went hiking, I thought it was a great idea to sign up for an all day hiking excursion in the Catskills tomorrow, which starts at 7:30am. I even roped Husband and a few other friends into it – hooray! Hope our guides are armed with a lot bandaids and water and a deaf ear to whining :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone – make it a good one!

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Photo via Animals with Glasses

I had to do a double-take when I looked at my calendar this morning – seriously, how is June half over already? So much goofing off to do and so little time! Jillian at Cornflake Dreams had the fun idea of writing up a summer bucket list, so here are 10 things I will be doing this season, by hook or by crook:

  1. Picnics in the park. And if it’s too hot to trudge over to said park, then picnics on the living room floor with the A/C on
  2. Try at least five flavors at the newly opened Ample Hills ice cream shop, starting with The Elvis Impersonator
  3. Get in some beach time with our fun friends in Savannah, Georgia
  4. Ride the iconic Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island (so not looking forward to this one)
  5. Get our building’s rooftop patio in order so we can fire up the grill for BBQ fun
  6. Shenanigans in the wilderness! Camping, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking – anything that involves not sitting in front of a computer
  7. Cook my very first lobster dinner. Every lobster I’ve ever had was either from a restaurant or made by my mother. That ends this summer
  8. Go berry picking and make a pie from scratch with our tasty loot
  9. Finish decorating our apartment even though we moved in well over a year ago (don’t judge)
  10. Hit up as many street fairs as humanly possible – I fully embrace the chaos of cheap trinkets, screaming vendors, and fried greasy foods
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Photo via We Heart It

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I’m taking off early to squeeze in as much R&R time as I can. Hubs and I are staycation-ing, which I’m oddly excited for as it involves no packing or airport security. Looking forward to checking out Smorgasburg, celebrating my friend’s birthday, outlet shopping, seeing The Hangover 2, and laying out in the park to read and watch the clouds drift by…this is the kind of to-do list I could get used to :-)

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Lock me up, I’ve killed again!

As you can see by the condition of my once-lovely ranunculus, I am atrociously bad with plants. Over the past few years, I’ve tried in vain to find one that doesn’t hate me with every fiber of his little green being, but it seems like an impossible task. Basil, parsley, geraniums, tulips, succulents – no matter what it is, its leaves start shriveling up the second they come through the front door.

And I swear I’m not a negligent plant parent! I talk to them, give them plenty of water, and lug them up to the rooftop when I’m worried they don’t get enough sunlight in the apartment. I even sprinkle bits of eggshells in the soil for a nutritious snack, but nothing seems to be effective against my mighty black thumb.

I really should just accept this fact of life and invest in some plastic flowers, but I can’t help bringing new ones home with the stubborn hopes that things will be different this time. My photo should be sent to flower shops in the entire neighborhood so they can lock their doors when I come prowling around, in search of new victims to bring back to my lair of doom.

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