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fashion icon dolls by sketch inc

Move over, Barbie! There are some new dolls in town, and their names are Anna, Marc, Coco, and Karl. Aren’t they adorable? Each miniature fashion titan is meticulously hand painted at Sketch.inc, and I predict that you’ll see a vast improvement in your outfit choices with one of these in your home. I mean, who would dare wear Cheeto-dusted sweatpants under the judgmental gaze of Anna Wintour (even a doll version)! Netflix marathon in stilettos, anyone?

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red raven studio

Helloooo gorgeous! These beautiful porcelain pieces were all handcrafted by Amy and Ryan, the married duo behind Redraven studios, and it’s safe to say after a look around their store that the two make quite the team. I just love the hints of color and gold against all that dreamy white porcelain. Those crystal necklaces are calling my name! And even better? Every item they create has sentimental significance behind it – a true labor of love!

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frostbeard studio

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Dumbledore’s office might smell like, while delving into the adventures of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends? Or pushed aside the bloody dramas of Game of Thrones for a few seconds to wonder what it would be like to close your eyes and step inside Winterfell? Well thankfully Frostbeard Studio has answered all these pressing questions with their awesome line of book inspired candles! My inner bookworm is crying tears of joy.

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Baba Souk gift guide

I first discovered Baba Souk a few months ago when I stumbled upon the cutest watermelon tote bag from their store, and it was love at first sight when I started perusing the rest of their wares! The Montreal-based store stocks a mix of in-house designs and unique handmade creations from indie designers, so you never have to worry that two other people are going to show up to your holiday gathering toting the same exact gift…awkwaaard.

Here’s a gift guide of some of my favorite Baba Souk goodies! I’m more than ready to grab a book and snuggle up under that cloud blanket right now. And as an added bonus, you can use the code littlewhitewhale to get 15% off your order from December 5 to December 10 – happy shopping!

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Inflated Deflated

I’m smitten with these quirky prints over at Inflated Deflated, where each balloon is adorned with a saying that ranges from funny to poignant to totally odd. I’ll take the “Forever Young” one, please!

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chasing paper wallpapers

Tribal | Sexy Hexy | Diamond Tiles | Dot

I don’t know what I love more about Chasing Paper – all of their beautiful temporary (yessss!) wallpapers, or the fact that they’ve come up with some clever outside-of-the-box uses that don’t even involve a wall. We have a very similar looking dresser from IKEA in our bedroom that I’ve been itching to dress up, and this may be the most pain-free method yet!

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