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Marcel recently emailed me to introduce me to pleased to meet, and I must confess that I squealed with delight when I clicked through to his beautiful store! So. Much. Loveliness. I want to buy gifts for everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life just to use their line of holiday cards, tags, and wrapping papers to the fullest extent possible. Isn’t the skiing cat hilariously cute? Their products have a distinctive modern-meets-retro style that I find really charming, and if that wasn’t enough – all the illustration work is done by Marcel’s wife, Daniela, and the talented duo work out of their small studio in Berlin! Go check out their store, which is also stocked with other non-holiday goodies like notebooks, prints, and a stunning collection of paper & envelope sets I wish could be mine, allll mine!

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Cushioncat Girls Cool cat Cushion | Alana Womens Feather and Goose Down Gilet | Cocoon Womens Silk Scarf | Baby First Friend | Womens Printed Wellies | Large Throw

People. I didn’t know it until recently, so I feel compelled to share the fact that there is a boatload of cuteness going on over at British retailer Joules Clothing! They sell preppy apparel for the entire family—the kids sections are particularly precious—along with goodies for the home. And as a bonus, the back story of the company totally made me smile. Joules was started 30 years ago, when founder Tom Joule became fed up with the blandness of country equestrian clothing. He thought they didn’t adequately reflect customers’ personalities, so he created 100 pairs of hot pink wellies which, to no surprise, quickly sold out!

That same spark of color and playfulness is still prominent in their line today, and if you’re a bit obsessed with things with horse prints on them, like yours truly, you really need to do yourself a favor and check them out!

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Meadow Iron Vanity | Mini Dot Bedding | Pom-Pom Bath Mat | Peyton Lattice Shelf

I just put so many things from PB Teen on my home wishlist, that it needs to be renamed PB Almost 30 Years Old. Who wouldn’t love to primp at an elegant vanity like that someday? This line is a bit more affordable than its older sibling, Pottery Barn, and although it’s aimed at teenagers, there’s no hot pink leopard in sight. Thank heavens! Sooo apparently I shop at PB Teen AND Forever 21. What’s next, Baby Gap?

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Faceted Magnets | Magnetic Clipsticks | Popsicle Sticks Set | Square Handle Basket

Loving all the new arrivals at Pigeon Toe. Those colorful faceted magnets would glam up my fridge in a flash!

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Oh why, yes, I would love to have a big slice of—heeeey, wait a minute…Can you believe these delicious holiday treats from Vivian’s Kitchen are made out of felt? With the help of a few strategically placed cake-scented candles, I would sit back and wait for rumors about the “next Betty Crocker” to start circulating in my apartment building.

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Honeycomb Bucket | Black Ships pillow | Hemp Jersey Cowl | Tea Towel Set

Discovering the lovely textiles over at Jenna Rose Handmade makes the task of putting together my Christmas wishlist much easier. That pillow is really calling out to me…ahoy!

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