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travel inspired gift guide

1. World Map With Pins from Oliver Jeffers Shop | 2. Airbus 24k Gold Plated Earrings via Amazon | 3. HND Pillow Cover from airporttag | 4. Around The World Leather Watch from Urban Outfitters | 5. The Fifty United Plates from Corbe Company | 6. The World Is Your Oyster World Globe from Wild & Free Designs

If I ever found myself with a winning lottery ticket in my hand, you can be rest assured that we’d be boarding a plane for a wild trip around the world so fast it would make your head spin! Weird foods, beautiful sights, and cozy hotels are like my fun trifecta. My inner 5 year always starts screaming “We’re here! We’re here!” when the plane starts descending down towards the airport, as I smudge up the window to get a closer look at the new landscape glittering down below :-) Here are a few fun travel inspired goodies that will remind you to rekindle your sense of adventure every once in a while – as that gorgeous globe boldly declares, the world is your oyster!

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1. Felix Weekender Duffle from Deux Luxe, $137 | 2. Luggage Tags from Dormify, $18 | 3. Dreamstate Sunglasses Sleeping Mask from Kitson, $19.95 | 4. Gold Snakeskin Foldable Ballet Flats from CitySlips, $29.95 | 5. Wanderlust World Map from 3LambsIllustration, $12.50 | 6. COPENHAGEN Folding Headphones from Urbanista, $99 | 7. Point it: Traveller's Picture Dictionary from Amazon, $9.95 | 8. The Weekender from Everlane, $95 | 9. World Map Bulletin Board from The Land of Nod, $24.95 | 10. Dopp Kit from Flight 001, $30

For the adventure seekers in your life, whose passports are enviably filled with colorful little stamps from around the world.

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travel time

Voyageur print from Cosas Mínimas | "The Producer" luggage series from Steamline Luggage

Aside from our honeymoon to Aruba last August (where we were too exhausted to do much of anything besides laying comatose on the beach), hubs and I haven’t taken a big vacation in quite a while. We took an amazing trip to Barcelona and London in 2008, but we’ve been on a savings kick since then for wedding and new apartment expenses. This year, however, we’re more than ready to dust off our passports and set off on some new adventures! Paris? Hong Kong? Italy? Peru? The world is our oyster.

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