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fake out home decor

1. Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book Safe from Virtual Distortion | 2. Reusable "Paper" Dinner Plate from Amazon | 3. Crinkle Bag Vase from MoMA Store | 4. Stone Poufs from fivetimesone | 5. Stuck Up Magnet Set from Perpetual Kid

These innocent looking goodies aren’t quite what they seem, so go ahead and take a nap on a pile of rocks! While you’re at it, stick a few wads of chewed up gum on the fridge, and throw those paper plates right into the sink too :-) Happy April Fools’ Day!

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Grilled cheese sandwich | Ice cream sundae | Mushrooms | Egg & toast

Winding down the week with some nice food photography…right? Tee hee. Well let’s just say you may get a big surprise when you dig into these delicious treats. Click on the source links to unveil these impostors :-) April Fools!

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