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toby with heart sunglasses

Why hellooooo there! You must be tired from running through my dreams all night…wink wink :-) Happy Valentine’s Day from our fur ball casanova!

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valentine's day gift ideas

1. Studded Lip Shoulder Bag via Amazon | 2. Heart You Necklace from Lush Jewelry | 3. Dive Water Bottle from bkr | 4. from | 5. Large Dachshund Garden Planter from RICE | 6. Champagne Gummy Bears from Sugarfina| 7. Gold Plated Arrow Earrings from Shop Latitude | 8. Blink Eyes Glitter Loafers from Luisa Viaroma

These Valentine’s Day gift ideas are a little bit sweet, a little bit quirky, and full of love! My heart belongs to anyone who brings me a bag of champagne gummy bears.

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DIY chocolate heart magnets

I’ve whipped up a little Valentine’s Day treat for you all – would you care for a bite of chocolate? …Tee hee. Okay okay, I didn’t turn into a chocolatier overnight, and in fact, you don’t need a sweet tooth to enjoy these candies because they’re magnets! Box them up for a whimsical gift that is sure to make your Valentine laugh :-) Read on for my super simple recipe for faux chocolates!

chocolate heart magnets

What you’ll need:

  • Oven-bake polymer clay in brown, white, and pink
  • a heart shaped candy mold
  • X-Acto knife
  • plastic straw
  • small round magnets
  • hot glue gun

chocolate heart magnets

  1. Knead a small chunk of brown clay until it softens, and press it into the heart shaped candy mold, making sure to fill all the nooks and crannies completely
  2. Carefully peel your heart out of the mold, and trim the excess clay with an X-Acto knife
  3. Bake the clay hearts according to the directions on the package. I baked mine at 275° for 25 minutes in our convection oven.
  4. While the hearts are baking, make some silly faces! Flatten out a thin piece of white clay and use a plastic straw to punch out small discs for the eyeballs. Roll teeny balls of brown clay for the pupils and lightly press them onto the white discs to attach. Use an X-Actco knife to cut out lips from a thin sheet of pink clay.
  5. Take your hearts out of the oven and decorate them with the eyes and lips (I did this while the hearts were still warm). Lightly press down to secure, then return the hearts to the oven for an additional 6 minutes to set the face pieces.
  6. When your hearts have fully cooled, hot glue a magnet to the back side (or maybe a bar pin to make a cute brooch??)
  7. All done! Find a special Valentine to share a few “chocolates” with!

chocolate heart magnets

Add a sweet touch to your love notes and momentos with your new chocolate treats!

chocolate heart magnets

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Valentine's Day fortune cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day! I spotted these pretty red and pink fortune cookies at a local paper shop the other week and couldn’t resist snatching up a few to take home with me. In the spirit of love, I decided to jazz them up a bit by **removing the fortunes and stuffing them with sweet little notes and a very generous heaping of heart confetti. Is there a better way to express your love than through a mini party in cookie form? (No).

**Instead of spending 15 minutes painstakingly picking out the fortunes with tweezers and kebab skewers like I did, feel free to follow these much simpler instructions instead.

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whimsical valentine gifts

1. Small Envelope Clutch from Lulu Guinness | 2. Black Heart Print Nude Tights from ROMWE | 3. Marc Jacbobs Daisy Eau So Fresh from Sephora | 4. Mint Wooden Hearts from Herman Marie | 5. XO Pillow Cover from Michelle Dwight | 6. Hair Ties from Mane Message

This is the last week we can simultaneously obsess over hearts and flowers and candy and PINK EVERYTHING, so let’s make it count, people!

PS. Thank you for all the kind comments and tweets about the redesign. You sure know how to make a gal feel special!

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free valentine's day wallpapers

In keeping with my mantra of creating more this year, I’ve made two desktop wallpapers to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit! One features a pair of chatty conversation hearts, while the other one is of all the smooches I’d lay on every one of you for visiting Little White Whale each day (Is this awkward now?). This is my first foray into downloadable goodies, and I’m already excited to make so much more :-) Enjoy!

// Download the Conversation Hearts wallpaper

// Download the Smooch! wallpaper

PS. A big site redesign is coming down the pipeline, so hold onto your britches!

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