1. Feed Me! iPhone Case from Four Corner Store, $15 | 2. Envelope iPad Case from Poketo, $48 | 3. Pride and Prejudice Book iPhone/iPod Charger from Canterwick, $55 | 4. Aphrodite USB Hub from Burke Decor, $44 | 5. MyLife USB Ceramic Necklaces from Huset, $72 | 6. Apple Wireless Keyboard from Colorware, $200

For your loved ones who wake up in a cold sweat from horrific nightmares of a world without internet or computers. How terrifying!

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Ted Baker "Hoola" quilted iPad sleeve from Nordstrom | Gray wool felt sleeve from byrd & belle | Fireworks Dakota iPad case from LODIS | Black polka dot iPad case Zazzle | Houndstooth in Peach sleeve from Fabrix Cases

I’ve been a PC-user all my life and have always been a bit wary of Apple’s rockstar popularity (no iPhones or iPods for me!), but even I have to confess: I love the iPad. There, I said it. Thank you, Steve Jobs, your indoctrination of the universe is complete. I scoffed when hubs brought ours home when it first came out, but it quickly won me over with its speed and portability and ridiculously addicting games. Here are some super stylin’ covers to swaddle your beloved iPad in…unless, of course, you’ve already kicked it to the curb for the iPad 2! The speed at which technology changes makes me want to celebrate and tear my hair out simultaneously.

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